Day 4: Tomatillos and Rutabagas galore!


Ya’ll, I’m slowly getting the hang of this.

Watch, I’ll change my tune tomorrow… but as of this moment right now, I feel like I’m doing pretty well. The only “almost” slip ups have involved Clara’s food. It’s pretty common for me to snack on Clara’s leftovers after she finishes eating and I have almost eaten a bunny cracker twice now. Both times I have stopped myself though!

Meals are much better now than they were on Monday. Which is probably why I am feeling better about this whole project today.

Yesterday was a bit of a struggle. I woke up feeling yucky. After I got through yesterday and still felt a little sluggish today, I think it’s allergies. I have been in a bit of a fog the past two days, but I’m hoping that will pass soon. I’ve also read that on the 4th-5th day you may want to “kill all the things”. That you may experience wanting to lash out irrationally. So far so good for me. I even stood in a really long line at Hobby Lobby today and didn’t get frustrated. So maybe I won’t experience the short temper? Or it’s just going to be tomorrow? We’ll see.

I want to share with you one of my favorite things I’ve made so far. IMG_1296

This tomatillo avocado salsa is so tasty, I’ve been putting it on literally everything. Seriously, last night our pork roast was a little tough (like my 18 month old chewed it for 7 minutes and finally spit it out in my hand…) and while Patrick slathered his serving with barbecue sauce, I just paired mine with this salsa. It’s also quite tasty with carrots and peppers.

Tonight we are trying rutabaga fries. I’ve never had a rutabaga before… so we will see. I think I’m going to try and cook at least 1 vegetable a week that I am not familiar with.

It’s a project inside of a project!!



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