Whole 30 at a Wedding: 3 Tips!

Little Girl is not a fan of Whole 30 at weddings...
Little Girl is not a fan of Whole 30 at weddings…

Yesterday (Sunday) my younger brother got married! It was a wonderful day- lots of fun and so many sweet sweet moments. My new sister-in-law looked absolutely stunning and my brother looked so handsome and happy. It really was a super fun weekend filled with lots of family and lots of food (of course).

The weekend was incredibly busy (all of us were in the wedding- I was a bridesmaid, Little Girl was a flower girl, and Patrick was a groomsmen) and when we got home this afternoon, Patrick and I both talked about how we were TIRED.

Before Allie and I started the Whole 30, we talked about the timing of doing it in June. I knew my brother would be getting married and she knew that she would be traveling to Utah. We decided to do the Whole 30 in June anyway, knowing that there probably wouldn’t be a perfect time to do it.

So my first tip would be…

I knew I was going to this wedding. I knew it before I started and I began thinking and planning for it from June 1st. I asked questions about the menu for the rehearsal dinner and reception (here’s a bonus tip- I didn’t talk to the bride about this at all! She had plenty on her plate and didn’t need to know I was doing this crazy diet thingy during her wedding- my parents were a wealth of information!). I knew we would be eating fajitas at the rehearsal dinner and I would have the option of grilled chicken at the reception.

We met my parents for breakfast on Saturday morning before the rehearsal dinner that evening and I did research about places we could eat. Thankfully, one of our favorite restaurants in Houston is VERY compliant (Hobbit Cafe near Rice University!). I asked the waiter some questions and made a few requests and he was super nice about it. Was I drooling over the coconut pancakes and homemade tortillas? Yes. Did I cheat? Nope! Was my breakfast ridiculously delicious? YOU BETCHA!

Since I was a bridesmaid, I also knew there would be mimosas and Shipley donuts (my absolute favorite donuts of all time- I had them at my wedding!) while we were getting ready. I made sure I came prepared with a Lara bar and some kombucha to enjoy while everyone else was enjoying their alcohol and fried dough. đŸ™‚

I also tried to stay busy while everyone was eating cake. It wasn’t hard with a toddler!


Kombucha in a wine glass is so much tastier (and healthier) than mimosas, right?!
Kombucha in a wine glass is so much tastier (and healthier) than mimosas, right?!

This may seem ridiculous to some, but this was something that I was so glad I did. One of the things that motivates me most, is little rewards.

I’ve done this for as long as I can remember: I reward myself throughout the day with the chores that I do. I mean, it’s not like I pay myself or even give myself anything, but I will say to myself, “you can sit down and read blogs AFTER you clean up the kitchen from lunch.” It helps me get things done throughout the day and it’s a great feeling to sit and treat yourself for a moment before moving on to the next task.

How did I do this for the wedding? I told myself that I would enjoy kombucha (I love me some “moldy water) while everyone else was enjoying their mimosas. I don’t buy it very often (it’s ridiculously expensive) so it’s a real treat when I do get some. I seriously looked forward to it all week, so when Sunday morning came, I couldn’t wait to drink it and I wasn’t tempted by the mimosas.

So here’s the deal… I asked a lot of questions. I requested certain things like no milk in my scrambled eggs. I ate my own snacks and had a several conversations about how sugar and soy are in EVERYTHING. I was proactive and prepared. But at the end of the day, this weekend was not about me and what I was eating. I knew I wouldn’t be able to control everything I ate like I am when I prepare our food and that was okay! I tried my best to stay compliant. I didn’t eat anything that I wasn’t supposed to and I’m proud of saying “no” several times!

Those are what helped me be successful at my brother’s wedding. Any suggestions for Allie before she goes to Utah on vacation!? Leave us a comment below!

Family photo at Hobbit Cafe
Family photo at Hobbit Cafe



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