About Allie and Lauren

About Allie and Lauren

Many years ago, two young and single Texas girls decided to move into an apartment together. They had been friends for years and were both biding their time before their boyfriends decided to “put a ring on it.” Knowing that their time together would probably be limited, they made a bucket list of things they wanted to learn to make, do, cook, etc while they were living together. They typed it up and had it printed on pretty paper and put it on their fridge so it could mock them clearly be seen. They were fairly successful, but didn’t complete the list before their time as single girls was up and they moved in with their handsome new husbands.

They are now back (3 years, 3 dogs, and one baby later) and are ready to take on brand spanking new projects. Expect to see all kinds of things here. Our interests are many and we are willing to try (almost) anything out once! First up on our list is *drumroll* the Whole 30 Challenge. Join our zaniness!

Meet Allie

Allie is a country girl who went to A&M (whoop!) and has a degree in horticulture. She works as head grower for a prominent farm in Texas. On March 3, 2012 Allie married Will (a true cowboy). Together they have two dogs: Luda and Dallas. Allie likes to craft while watching Jane Austen movies.

Meet Lauren

Lauren is the opposite of a country girl. She grew up in Houston and has a degree in theatre from Abilene Christian University. Lauren was a youth minister for almost 9 years before “retiring” to be a stay-at-home mom. On March 15th, 2012, Lauren married Patrick (a true country boy from Mississippi). Together they have a daughter and Brady (their English Springer Spaniel). Lauren is a wanna-be theologian.


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