Lauren’s Whole 30 Experience

finished-the-w30-fb-coverIt’s been over a month since Allie and I finished our Whole 30.

I’ve had more than enough time to process my thoughts on the whole experience and although it was a great experiment in healthy eating habits and I saw pretty great results, I have not continued the habits I learned during those 30 days of extreme Paleo.

Hear out my excuses:
1. My best friend and her husband were in town when I finished up. They were here and I wanted to celebrate them, so I did. With homemade GLUTEN FILLED pizza.
2. The 4th of July! I made homemade peach ice cream and a blackberry cobbler. We had ridiculously tender ribs and I didn’t feel bad about the amounts of non-compliant foods and drinks (I also made a homemade sangria).
3. VBS and all of it’s fantastic craziness meant that for almost an entire week we were eating sandwiches for dinner. Glorious sandwiches.
4. It was Patrick’s birthday. He wanted to go out to a nice sushi dinner. At a buffet. That also had a chocolate fountain.
5. It was MY birthday. I wanted to get a greasy Nicky D’s cheeseburger. And lots of fries.

And after all that, I just wanted to cook and bake my favorite things and didn’t care about the consequences.

And there have been consequences:
1. I’m back to my pre Whole 30 weight. I wasn’t really doing it to lose weight, but it was nice to see some of the results of my BodyPump work. Now that I’m up to my “normal” weight, I don’t see near the results I did when I was eating healthfully.
2. My stomach issues have come back. I had GREAT digestions (TMI?) during my Whole 30. Mostly (I believe) because I wasn’t eating lactose. Dairy and I have never really gotten along, and so when I cut it out, I noticed a huge difference. Yeah, my minor tummy woes are back.
3. I don’t have near the amounts of energy I had when I was on the Whole 30. I can tell I’m a little more sluggish.

Overall, Allie and I have decided we would like to do another Whole 30, but maybe next year some time. In the meantime, we both just want to be more health conscious about our food choices.

We are planning to do a lot more with this little blog, so be on the lookout for more projects and more plans in the next week!



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