Allie’s Wrap Up To Whole 30

I did Whole 30 to reset unhealthy eating habits, binging on sugar and lots of eating out, and lose some weight. Basically a jump start to better health and fitness.  Here are some pluses and negatives on the program.

Positives of Whole 30

  • I lost about 3 inches off of my waist and shed 10-15 pounds.
  • I broke my sugar addiction.
  • Incorporated into my diet fruits and vegetables that I normally would not eat.
  • Only ate out once a week.
  • Overall felt healthier and satisfaction of knowing the foods I ate were nourishing my body.
  • I am more conscious of the foods that I am eating and what ingredients are in them.
  • After such a restrictive diet, it has been “easy” for me to just cut out a few things from my current diet.

Drawbacks of Whole 30

  • I was in love with sweet potatoes before Whole 30, I ate so many that now they make me a little queazy. I can also say the same for brussel sprouts and baked chicken.
  • I never felt full.
  • Meal prep was time consuming.

Overall it was a good experience and even though I will not follow the whole program in every day life, I will be eating less sugar and more fruits and vegetables!



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