THE WHOLE 30 2 Week’s Results and Stomach Virus

Very excited to report that I have seen some weight loss results within the first two weeks! My tummy has noticeably flattened and I have been able to fit into some pants that were previously too tight. YES!!

I have really only missed my Starbucks drink and pastry but my cravings have significantly decreased. I really LOVE cold coffee drinks ( you know, the kind that have waaay more sugar and chocolate than coffee) but since starting the Whole 30 I’ve been drinking it straight and black.  I started looking through the Starbucks menu to see what options they have that are compliant. To my delight they offer coconut milk, Iced Latte with coconut milk?!? But on further investigation their coconut milk contains a preservative, so I will stick with regular coffee.

Everything was going really well until  this past weekend when I came down the dreaded stomach virus, yuck! 

Let me just say that it was not easy staying compliant when ALL food sounds disgusting! Although I did not want to,I did cheat. When I was finally able to eat I stuck with crackers and broth.

I  read about the benefits of bone broth and had a beef soup bone in the freezer but, since the stomach bug hits without warning I didn’t have the time to make homemade broth. I researched staying hydrated when you are losing fluids and decided to drink coconut water instead of Gatorade or other sports drinks that have loads of sugar and artificial ingredients. From what I read, for prolonged periods of fluid loss it is better to drink Gatorade because of the sugar to sodium ratio. Thankfully I was only sick for a couple of days and the coconut water did the job of helping with rehydration.

If you happen to get the stomach bug I would suggest doing your own research and going with what makes sense to you even if that means consuming food or drinks that are not compliant.

I am on the mend and back on track! I’m exited for our day 16 18 celebration and my family trip to Utah!



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