Project 1- Day 1 Overview

Roobios tea is NOT a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.


I’ve gotten into the habit the past year of having something sweet at the end of the day. And now that I’m a stay-at-home mom who loves to bake, I have the time to make all sorts of things from scratch.

There have been literal moments of panic at the end of a day if I realize we don’t have anything sweet at the end of the day. That’s when Patrick comes home and I’m whipping up a batch of snickerdoodles (and I make a ridiculously delicious snickerdoodle).

One of the suggestions that Dallas and Melissa Hartwig give as part of “slaying the sugar dragon” is to drink a cup of roobios tea instead of having a sugary snack. Because it’s “naturally sweet.”


So I’m sitting here drinking my roobios tea (wishing it was a snickerdoodle) and reflecting on the first day of Allie and I’s Whole 30 Challenge.

Allie and I chatted earlier this evening and talked about how it’s already been a challenge. I worked hard to keep busy, but I felt like every moment I was thinking about the challenge.

Here’s a rundown of my meals and my thoughts about those meals.

Breakfast: I needed something quick and easy with protein, so I made 2 fried eggs and put them on top of a bed of spinach. I added lots of salt and pepper and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. I didn’t cook the eggs enough for my liking and the eggs were runny enough to make me gag. I think I’m going to stick to scrambled eggs for the remainder of the challenge.

Lunch: I ended up going to the zoo with baby girl and some friends and brought a lunch. Since I needed something portable, I ended up eating 2 hard-boiled eggs, a banana, and several carrots. Not the most amazing thing I’ve eaten, but it did the trick. And the boiled eggs didn’t make me gag like the breakfast ones did.

Dinner: Complete disaster. Pretty comical disaster. Like, I really wish it was on video. Allie and I planned to make salmon patties from scratch. I bought two cans of salmon thinking that the salmon patties would be delicious and I would make more to eat for lunches. I haven’t ever eaten canned salmon before, so when I opened it imagine my horror that there were bones, skin, and THE SALMON’S VERTEBRAE. But I persevered and did what I could to pick out the “good” meat. Ya’ll, when I put those stupid salmon patties in the pan to pan fry them, THEY FELL APART. And there were all kinds of bones still left in there. That’s when I dumped it in the trash. I talked to Allie though, and she said that her’s were delish. Maybe one day I’ll try them again with a salmon filet. I ended up eating chicken sausage, a baked sweet potato with ghee, and a giant pile of broccoli. I was much happier with the sausage than the salmon patties.

Overall, it was a decent first day. I’m hoping tomorrow brings some more successful meals!


4 thoughts on “Project 1- Day 1 Overview

  1. For what it’s worth, you can eat salmon bones– they might be an acquired texture, but I actually like them! I’m not doing whole30, but I am trying to eat better and I like to keep hard-boiled eggs on hand for those quick breakfasts or snacks on the go. Last thing: for a super-fast scrambled egg, whisk and season the egg in a mug and cook for 1 min (I go 30 secs twice).


  2. I loved reading about your experience with the canned salmon. I grew up eating those, then as adult, I was NO way am I eating that! Yes, seeing what is in the can grossed me out! So far, it’s not been too bad. I’ve had little head aches from time time but other than that I feel great! I took a before picture that I am un willin to reveal until July 1st. Thank you friends for letting me join in on your fun!😘


    1. We are so glad you’re on this journey with us too! I haven’t taken a before picture yet, but I think I will tomorrow. 🙂


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